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Why Buy Kirby?

Before you purchase another vacuum, consider the following – When you purchase a Kirby, you’re getting more than just a normal vacuum cleaner, your purchasing:

-Over 99 years of experience spent perfecting just one product
-A product specifically constructed to provide years of service without repairs
-A leader in home cleaning and a name recognized around the world
-A reliable product trusted by millions of satisfied customers

Avalir Canister

The Kirby Avalir system can be easily converted into a canister vacuum for those hard to reach places. But what makes us different than traditional canister vacuums?

Avalir Shampoo System

With an optional Kirby attachment you can achieve professional level carpet cleaning at a fraction of the cost. The Avalir system can be easily converted right into a carpet shampoo system, allowing you to clean your own carpets without hiring expensive professionals.

Avalir Upright Vacuum 

Our upright deep-cleaning vacuum will work on a variety of floor types, including delicate carpets, hardwood floors and throw rugs. Use's proprietary enginerring to break through dust and dirt.